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Audit and Penetration Test Services
network security IT Audit
Network Security Audit
  • IT audit, network security audit, pen test
  • Protect systems and data
  • 360 Degree view of risks

Altius IT's IT audit, network security audit, and penetration test reviews your technology systems, people, and processes to identify threats to your network and data.

Our 50 point proprietary security testing process ensures your systems and sensitive data remains secure.

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cyber-security Cyber Security Audits
  • Cyber security audit penetration testing
  • Website security testing, web application security penetration test
  • Mobile application security audit

Cyber security audit

Altius IT's network cyber security audit penetration test performs a controlled real life evaluation and penetration test of your firewalls and network for security issues that allow hackers access to your internal network.

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Web application security audit

Our web application security audit and penetration test evaluates your web applications and web sites for security weaknesses such as SQL injection, cross site scripting, buffer overflow, and other vulnerabilities.

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Mobile application security audit

Altius IT's mobile application security audit and penetration test identifies security vulnerabilities related to your mobile application, interfaces to servers, databases, firewalls, and internal server configurations.

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compliance Compliance Audits
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Privacy audit
  • Risk assessment
  • Social engineering

Privacy Audit

Altius IT's privacy audit ensures your organization operates with transparency, providing openness and clarity to all activities concerning the capture, collection, dissemination, and use of sensitive information.

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Risk Assessment

Altius IT's risk assessment identifies the controls and safeguards needed to adequately and cost effectively protect your information systems and sensitive assets.

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Social Engineering

Your staff can create risks. Our social engineering security assessment evaluates the effectiveness of your security awareness and education program so you can better protect your information systems and valuable assets.

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artificial-inteligence Artificial Intelligence application audit

Altius IT's Al Application Audit ensures your Artificial Intelligence application meets security and compliance requirements, is trustworthy, and operates in an accurate, reliable, safe, and non-discriminatory manner.

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